Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel, founded in 2020 is Pensacola’s first hotel to focus on sustainability and wellness, this is our story.


Hospitality is ingrained in all cultures, and it connects us in a heartfelt and sincere way. The Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel was conceived on principles dedicated to environmentally conscious hospitality, sustainable conservation, and the empowerment of our local community. We realize that truly authentic and intuitive service comes from the heart and no detail is too small.


Established in the historic district of downtown we create rich experiences that focus on local authenticity, modest luxury, and natural design. Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel is recognized for its ambiance and reputation as an “it” destination for travelers and locals alike, offering an alternative to more corporate structures. The accommodations are sumptuous, and the service is personalized.


The hospitality industry is in the middle of something of a revolution, we are embracing the transformation and opportunity to contribute to a better tomorrow. Let us keep traveling, moving forward, and making communities like ours thrive while collectively working with the environment.


The World is Your Oyster and we truly believe you can achieve anything you wish in life and go anywhere because you have the opportunity and ability to do so.


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